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Grand Knight's Message

July 2017

Grand Knight’s Message

The end of the Fraternal Year was highlighted by our last Council meeting held on June 19th. We started off by opening up our meeting to announce the (6) candidates that were about to become Knights. We suspended the meeting to start the 1st Degree Exemplification ceremonies led by our Degree team of Joe Powers, Mike Planko, Dennis Taylor, Ed Connelly, Sam Taylor, Mike Breen and Dr. Pat Miller. For those who missed the event, the Team did an exemplary demonstration in fulfilling their duties as a Degree Team. All in attendance were honored to be part of such an event.
When the Ceremony was over we continued our Council with our new Knights in attendance. I thanked all of the Officers (Columbian, Council & Assembly), Volunteers (BINGO, Kitchen Crews, Fundraisers, etc.) for all the time they spend doing what it takes to keep our fraternal mission alive and well. At that time I presented several “Knight of the Year” Awards to:
Mike Breen, Frank Bunch, Joe Fredette, Chuck Lobosco & Mike Planko
In addition, a special note of appreciation was made to Dave Tarity (Past Financial Secretary) and Dennis Taylor (Secretary) for their volunteer work in their respective roles over the last three years. I appreciate our new Knights Dan Matrazzo (Financial Secretary) and John Trimmings (Secretary) for accepting these important positions. A list of Council Officers for 2017-18 is attached. I’m honored to continue to be your Grand Knight.
We begin our new Fraternal Year with our Family Picnic on July 15th, at the ITAM Club on Grand Ave in Saratoga Springs starting at Noon. This is our Social Event of the Year to relax and have fun! All Knight’s (especially our new Knight’s) & Catholic Daughter’s families, children, grandchildren are invited. Brother Frank and Joe will provide the entertainment and will be preparing the food.

Vivat Jesus
Tom Gurka, GK