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Grand Knight's Message

March 2018

As Grand Knight I oversee the activities of the Council. I offer
my thanks to all the active members who attend the meetings,
help in the kitchen, work the fundraisers and work at
maintaining our Council Home.
I am writng in response to the turnout for Chef Bill Jouberts’
wake and funeral. I know that it wasn’t the best weather to
come out, but I’m disappointed in the small number of
Brothers that came to pay their respects during the wake and
next day’s funeral and luncheon. As Catholic Gentlemen we
should treat our Brothers families as we would like our families
to be treated. More attendees would show respect to the grieving families.
As a reminder, our four foundations are Charity, Unity,
Fraternity and Patriotism.
Can we all resolve to meditate on
those principles and see what we can do to improve and help
our Council. Some members are only active when writing a
check for our annual dues. Is it possible for you to attend a
meeting or get involved with a program or event this year?
We work all year, fundraising for our Veterans Dinner in
November. I thank Lavern Utter for his tireless work in selling
Bon Ton Books and being very actve in supporing this event.
Frank Bunch, Dan Matrazzo, and I will need a great deal of help
this year in raising money for our Veterans Dinner. In years
past, there have only been a handful of members and their
wives, not Knights, working on this worthy cause. Please
contact me or leave a message at the hall to discuss how you
can help.

I hope all of you have had a chance to see the video of the
interview we did with Channel 13 News. Catholic Daughter
Gina Ponessa set it up and it gave us the opportunity to get the
word out as to what we do to help in our community.
Our first 2 Fish Fry’s have been successful. You probably don’t
know how much work goes into cooking for 200 people every
week, not to menton cooking for Code Blue and the Homeless
Veterans home’s once a week. Weekly we drive to Albany and
shop for supplies that fill a large SUV, unload and store the
product. We also prep and cook for many long hours over a
couple of days. Fortunately Frank and I have support from two
Catholic Daughters and a few Knights and their families. I am
thankful for our regular help and those that come when they
Unfortunately there is more to our Fish Fry’s and other meal
fundraisers than coming for a couple hours to help on Friday
night. When volunteers show up at 4:45 we are already set up
and ready to go. I understand people work during the day but
it would be a great help to have volunteers help out with
clean up, take out the trash and clean down the floors. I would
love to see all our Knight volunteers help until the job is done
and not sit while others are working. Remember these events
are what keep our organization running and it’s very
easy for the regulars to get burned out.
Again thank you to the few who work hard in different
positons for our Council and the many who have put in their
time in the past.

Vivat Jesus,
Joe Fredette
Grand Knight