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Grand Knight's Message

November 2017

Grand Knight’s Message

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I cannot think past the thought of how are we
going to get everything done. All you have to do is look at our Fraternal Missions Calendar AT-A-Glance and you will see there is lots of volunteer work ahead of us. Using Bingo as an example, there is need for Volunteers at the beginning, during and at the end of the night to clean-up. Bell-Jar needs help, a new 50/50 Raffle will be added and a new team will have to be built to support this new venue. Our Fundraising Dinners have the same needs. You need to buy the food, prepare it, serve it and clean-up after all is said and done. Every one
of our events requires teamwork and the more we have working together the quicker everybody can go home.  We are losing volunteers quicker than we are finding new ones. It’s not that the current ones are giving up, it’s the fact that they are physically not able to contribute the way they use too. Then we have the ones like Brother Ken who recently passed away and is no longer with us. He was always there to support us on Bingo nights but now we have one less that we can count on and we will miss him.

We have had new members step up and join in helping us in any way they can. Many of
the new members say they don’t know how to get started. And I would say the best way is coming to a Council meeting. Most meetings last about 45 minutes and it’s the quickest
way of learning of what is going on in the coming month. In a further effort to highlight the amount of help we need I am going to have the Bulletin Board outside of the meeting
room dedicated as our Volunteer Sign-up Board. There will be a Page for every event that is being held at our Home for up to two months in advance where you can list your name on the sign-up sheet. I will ask the person who is leading the event to add the additional details on it as far as the number of individual needed, start-end times, etc.

Vivat Jesus
Tom Gurka, GK